About Us

NewsTicky, An Online Free News Collection Service that provides the people with up to date news from different media companies from all around the world. That is our mission. Currently NewsTicky supports Philippine News as of now but will take on different countries in the future.

This service communicates with media companies such that it does not require any page refresh since it updates the feed by itself. which makes it a news library hub.

Established on year 2015, a group of enthusiasts came up with a plan to consolidate all news information on the Philippines to let the people know the latest news from different media companies in order for them to be aware. since the website has been giving information and helping out the people in the Philippines, the group came up with another plan to include other countries aside from the Philippines. This idea is to broaden up the market for NewsTicky making it an Online news portal. This news portal hub is a free service but we would be glad when someone donated money to this website in order to improve, maintain and market it.

With this, we are happy to share this to the world with our colorful news notes with good information in it.

PS.. You will notice that it has a food menu that contains food recipes and its outside the news category. We included it since we our 100% certified food-a-HOLIC!!! Hope you are too..